About Giving In Action                       
Mission Statement 
Giving In Action, Inc.
is a 501 C 3, nonprofit organization with its specific mission to work with economically disadvantaged people to help create a transition from homelessness and low - income to the reformation of their everyday lives.  We will provide other assistance and support through counseling and training, facilitating self - sufficiency and positive mental capabilities, eliminating the obstacles that keep individuals bound in poverty and homelessness.
At the heart of Giving In Action is proactivity.  There are so many who need so much it can almost at times seem overwhelming.  But if you are called, as has been founder and CEO Carolyn Seals, then like her you will be empowered and anointed to carry forth the mission.  Proactivity is not only empowerment to her and Giving In Action but empowerment to the lives of those in need whom she touches.  Through her own physical power and connection to other anointed organizations there has been created an unstoppable force and the results . . . . nothing is impossible!
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